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Sid Dickens



Memory Block Collection

Available at Treasure Trove

Call (313-885-TROV) or come in for more details

Treasure Trove is pleased to carry the Sid Dickens Memory Block Collection in its Grosse Pointe location. These beautiful tiles are hand crafted with care and designed by artist Sid Dickens. Each memory block contains an anecdote on the back, customized to each piece, making these excellent gifts for any occasion.  

What are Memory Blocks?


While some of these handcrafted plaster tiles, 6" x 8" x 1 1/4" are finished to a prcelain-like quality, others are cracked like weathered stone to create an aged look and feel. Each incorporates a unique chunk of history in a very modern way. Motifs range from Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo, with images from the Middle East, to Babylon, London and Paris, all inspired by art and music, mystic symbols, the Tarot, botanicals and board games - there are well over 70 tiles from which to choose. To further personalize your Memory Block collection, Sid introduced the 'Scribe' Collection, featuring the alphabet and a full series of numbers.


How do I Display Memory blocks?

sdarrange.jpgMemory Blocks can be easily displayed in a nearly unlimited number of wall-mounted groupings - hang three or hang thirty. They are easy to mount; no additional supports or braces are necessary. Sid Dickens' quality controlled hand-craftsmanship ensures uniform size, so only the simplest measurements are necessary. Each tile back has been finished with an angled aperture for easy hanging; simply position a small drywall screw or finishing nail in the wall and the tile will stay securely in place.



Decorating You Home With Memory Blocks

Memory Blocks provide an affordable way of decorating your home with handcrafted, original works of art, at a starting price far below that of posters, prints, or paintings. No framing or installation costs are required. You can start with a single tile and build your collection according to your budget.20140307-153347.jpg

Unlike static works of art such as paintings, Memory Blocks can be grouped in many arrangements of different sizes, shapes and sequences. As your decorating needs, feelings and moods change, your display can also change. Memory Block styles are continuously being introduced and retired, making this a truly dynamic and highly collectible form of art.

Memory Blocks provide a contemporary style of decorating - afforable, movable and desirable - with the timeless quality of enduring beauty.


Treasure Trove is proud to be able to offer both current and retired Memory Block collections, including the Studio Collection.

Please give us a call or come into the store for more information and to find out pricing and to see what Memory Blocks we currently have in the store.


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